AWA Design Principal Abhay Wadhwa to Speak at LS13

AWA Design Principal Abhay Wadhwa to Speak at LS13

Abhay Wadhwa will be a keynote speaker at the 13th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting (LS13) on June 24 2012. The Symposium, held regularly since 1973, gives the community of professional engineers, scientists, designers, and research organizations that make up the lighting industry an opportunity to meet, present, and discuss innovative work within the industry. The event will be hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center, which is the world’s leading university-based research and education organization in the field of lighting.

Abhay will be speaking on The Impact of Culture and Climate on Lighting Systems.


Every practitioner in the built environment can benefit from better understanding the implications of culture in lighting design. Every culture has had a distinct relationship with light, and that continues today. As it is manifest in the present day, light defines broader tastes and styles within a culture. And, this has deeper implications than mere fashion or vogue. As more firms and practitioners begin to operate across geographic boundaries, understanding cultural drivers is critical for meeting the needs of the populous.

Lighting solutions internationally balance universal ideas about light with local variations. A given culture’s position in the global economic development cycle is often reflected in its use of lighting in urban night environments. However, striking a balance between regional differences and globalization is often a challenge. Are there “Universal” ideas about lighting? What are the variations in light concepts as preferred by the local population?

Besides cultural considerations, factoring in the climatic aspects is equally important in developing appropriate lighting solutions locally. Several of the rapidly developing parts of the world have substantially different climates than Europe and most parts of North America. Fixtures or lighting systems that have essentially been developed for the milder climes will not perform as well with the aggressive climates of the Middle-East, South Asia or South East Asia. The metrics of measurement and the standards must be updated.

Information for the Symposium, including a full schedule and registration information can be found here.