AWA NEWS: Introduction to the “Getting It Built- No Excuses!” Newsletter Series

AWA NEWS: Introduction to the “Getting It Built- No Excuses!” Newsletter Series

Getting it built per the design intent while wading through cost-cutting, fixture substitutions, design changes, and delays is not a walk in the park. We work intently to get our design ideas built correctly and delete the likelihood of excuses and post-facto rationalization that can sometimes be used to explain shoddy execution of design intent.

How do we do it? We spend a substantial amount of time and resources in creating detailed drawings for execution and installation, along with performance specifications for the fixtures. Our specifications are carefully written to avoid any favoritism to any particular manufacturer and keep it a level playing field for all bidders. We also work with the contractors and team of installers to make sure that the drawings are understood, and nothing is lost in translation.

We also believe in keeping all lines of communication open, which plays a critical part in the success of the project. The project always benefits from teamwork and cooperation between the different disciplines- so, we leave our ego at the door and do our best to make decisions that are for the betterment of the project.

The other important aspect of our work is “forecasting.” Once we have understood the dynamics at play between personalities, skill-sets, and information provided, we undertake a SWOT analysis on the project which then helps us create scenarios that we can navigate efficiently as they unfold. This, along with dogged perseverance of AWA and their team-members is part of our preparation towards getting the project built per design intent.

Every project we work on takes up a certain amount of “bandwidth,” whether this be defined as time, effort, resources, or that it is a percentage of our working life, and this drives us to make it all add up at the end. There is no bigger satisfaction for us than seeing our projects built per design intent. And our processes have led us to successfully finish over 900 projects in 23 countries over the past 19 years.

Abhay M Wadhwa
Design Principal  l  CEO
AWA Lighting Designers


We will be sharing the “Getting It Built- No Excuses!” series of newsletters in three parts over the next three Tuesdays:

  • PART 1 – Overcoming Site Conditions – AWA Showcase Project: Ark of Return
  • PART 2 – Developing Performance Specifications – AWA Showcase Project: ICC Towers
  • PART 3 – Where are We Going? 

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