AWA Project Update: Holland Tunnel Goes Green

AWA Project Update: Holland Tunnel Goes Green

It was announced last week that the fluorescent lamps in Holland Tunnel will be replaced with LED lamps. 32,000 Running Feet (6.4 Miles) of new linear LED lamps will be installed and the project will be finished in Fall 2013. The new LED lighting will help to achieve $250,000 a year in energy savings and significant savings in maintenance costs. In addition, it will bring the interior tunnel illumination level up to IESNA RP-22 requirements. The project started in 2009, went through numerous challenges, and is now coming to a successful completion.

AWA’s Scope:
AWA worked in close collaboration with the client and On-Board Engineering on this project. For this project, AWA was responsible for:
• Developing design and performance specifications for LED fixtures
• Providing a detailed LED technology and material review for tunnel and infrastructure lighting
• Analyzing LED systems for retrofitting current fluorescent system
• Evaluating submittals from manufacturers and provide recommendations to client
• Analyzing and evaluating prototype of fixtures to ensure conformance to specifications

AWA reviewed and evaluated eleven manufacturers that could provide linear IP-66 rated LED fixtures for this application. The design specifications were developed for usefulness for the next 15 years. The fixtures are future proofed for easy access/replacements of lamps over this period.
This project will be installed over the next several months to be finished by Fall 2013.

Project Team:
Client: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
LED Lighting Consultant: AWA Lighting Designers, Inc.
Electrical Engineer: On-Board Engineering Corp.

AWA Lighting Designers:
Headquartered in New York City, AWA is an international architectural lighting design firm founded by Abhay Wadhwa. We design and implement lighting solutions for infrastructural, commercial, civic and cultural projects. We pride ourselves on our adept application of creative and technical methods, as we embrace diverse influences, ideas and design paradigms. The result is lighting design that remains ever-aware of the people who will commute, live, work, communicate and interact in the buildings and structures we light.
The architects, engineers and building professionals we partner with have come to expect technologically savvy, fresh solutions with high design content from us. In part, this is because our teams are led by trained architects and engineers, but also because our team is committed to understanding the clients’ vision and helping it come to reality.

On-Board Engineering Corporation:
On-Board Engineering Corporation is a privately held Professionally Licensed Full Service provider of engineering, architecture, design, procurement, construction management and design-build services.
Flexible Service has been the hallmark of On-Board since the company’s inception in 1976, with a focus on customer satisfaction. On-Board conducts operations through its Corporate Headquarters located in East Windsor, New Jersey along with regional offices in Delaware, and North Carolina.

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