CLIENT K. Raheja Group
ARCHITECT Atul Desai & Associates
YEAR 2012
LOCATION Navi Mumbai

Vivarea, Mumbai’s three 41-story towers will establish its landmark presence in the Mumbai skyline. They are positioned to capture stunning views of Mahalaxmi Race Course, and the Arabian Sea for residents. A sprawling 8 acres of development contain a 31,500 sq meter podium level which boasts a variety of recreation and fitness activities, and an extensive landscape with special designated areas for children, seniors, entertainment, and outdoor sports and health facilities. As a LEED registered residential project, AWA’s role in helping Vivarea to capitalize on green technologies and design innovation was critical.

AWA’s approach for the facade lighting was to create a unique installation at the crown of each building, punctuating the skyline with a simple and elegant mark. Back-lit glass with a James Turrell-like effect, textured metal panels, and media mesh were just some of the options suggested to create this unique identity. Tracing the building from the crown down to the base would be a line of illuminated balconies which would terminate in its illuminated base, working to draw in residents. This entry lighting corresponded to the landscape lighting, creating a flow from exterior to interior. Beyond, the landscape glows with gems such as the pool, with its custom-shaped illuminated scoop niches, special in-ground lighting shaped to enhance views from above, and general navigational illumination, bringing a sense of order to the area.