High-On… Light + Architecture – Featured Project 2 – Tote

High-On… Light + Architecture – Featured Project 2 – Tote

High-On… Light + Architecture

We are excited to share that AWA’s work is featured in the new book “High On…Light + Architecture.” This book features our research and its applications demonstrated over four showcase projects. AWA is one amongst twenty-eight lighting designers from around the world whose work has been showcased in this book and one of only two designers based in the United States.

This newsletter focuses on “TAKING INSPIRATION FROM NATURE” with a feature on our Tote project. Stay tuned for more projects in our upcoming newsletters.

Featured Project 2:

Tote is one of Mumbai’s hottest hospitality destinations. The inspiration for the lighting design came from lying on the ground on your back and looking at the beautiful rain tree canopies on the site, recognizing the patterns of light filtering through, and then translating that through the lens of technology and lighting design. The idea was to create a landmark space that relied on nature for its design inspiration. 

Biophilic design indicates a design principle that goes beyond merely minimizing the impact of the built environment to create actual close contact between users and the “natural” world. By inviting nature into the design, a design reengages occupants with the environmental elements that are deeply wired to our genetic predispositions. Biophilia can also be thought of as a subset of culture, with each environment having its own geographical signature as defined by the climate and flora and fauna that inherently originates from a place. As culture and climate are often a reflection of the surroundings of a place, an understanding of biophilia can be an important tool in a designer’s box, to be used to derive design solutions that are rooted in context.

Project Team
Client: deGustibus Hospitality
Architect: Serie Architects
Lighting Designer: AWA Lighting Designers, NY, NY

Banquet Hall
Reception Desk

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