High-On… Light + Architecture – Featured Project 3 – National War Memorial

High-On… Light + Architecture – Featured Project 3 – National War Memorial

High-On… Light + Architecture

We are excited to share that AWA’s work is featured in the new book “HIGH ON…LIGHT + ARCHITECTURE.” This book features our research and its applications demonstrated over four showcase projects. AWA is one amongst twenty-eight lighting designers from around the world whose work has been showcased in this book and one of only two designers from the United States.

The previous newsletters have featured the following: 
1. Lighting Design for Healthcare Facilities (Project 1- Children’s Hospital Of New Orleans)
2. Taking Inspiration from Nature (Project 2 – Tote)

This newsletter focuses on “Light In The Public Realm” with a feature on our National War Memorial project. 

Featured Project 3 of 4:
National War Memorial

The National War Memorial, situated in the heart of New Delhi, honors soldiers who laid down their lives for India. Concentric circular spaces, or “chakras” have different symbolic and functional meanings, and the layered lighting design approach reinforces this. The outermost “Rakshak” chakra (Protector) provides an outer even glow of the circle of light acting as a protective element for the entire memorial. The second chakra, “Yudhpath” (Warrior) has dots of light, with the number of dots representing the number of warriors who have given their lives to the country. The third chakra, “Tyag” (Sacrifice) symbolizes the sacrifice the warrior made for the nation. The fourth chakra, “Veer” (Braveheart) has lights going up into the sky to symbolize the victory the warrior has achieved. The fifth chakra, “Punarjanm” (Rebirth) signifies the return of the warrior, with a streak of light ascending upwards to the heavens and the great cosmos above.

Project Team
Client: Government of India
Architect: WeBe Design Lab
Lighting Designer: AWA Lighting Designers
Center Obelisk and The Eternal Flame
Concept Rendering of Site Plan
The Eternal Flame
Gallery of War Stories
Memorial Walls with Reverential Lighting

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