How Technology and Science are Disrupting the World of Design

How Technology and Science are Disrupting the World of Design

3D Printed Cast by Jake Evill

Design is what shapes our built environment. But as we progress, creatives are turning more and more to nature – exploring biological systems and organic materials – as their driving influence for developing new products and constructed networks. It is no secret that technology and science are playing a larger role than ever before in shaping our world; and designers are harnessing the research and findings from these sectors to establish progressive and innovative products that could change our lives.

In particular, advancements in 3D printing are enabling us to process and manufacture ideas at a more rapid rate, which is changing the entire production industry. Jake Evill combines 3D scanning and printing technologies to develop a cast that could eliminate the clumsy plaster versions that have been bringing fracture stability for ages. Evill’s design takes into consideration the exact dimensions of the individual’s injured limb to ensure they are fitted with a cast that provides optimal comfort and support. This is the result of a mould that references an exoskeleton – a rigid external covering that is found on some invertebrates for protection. the make-up of the ‘cortex cast’, thus also provides a hygienic alternative. Being 3D printed from nylon makes it waterproof, easy to clean, super light, anatomically accurate as well as recyclable, just to name a few of its potential benefits; proving its potential to benefit to change the practice of extreme sports where athletes are more prone to frequent injury and broken bones is huge.

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Written By: Andrea Chin

Image Courtesy of: Jake Evill

Source: DesignBoom