Interactive Tour: Bushwick Inlet Park

Interactive Tour: Bushwick Inlet Park

View of Main Entrance from Kent Avenue (NYC skyline in background) Bushwick Park by Kiss Cathcart

“A Daily Does of Architecture” has created an Interactive Tour of AWA Project Bushwick Inlet Park.

New York City has seen many physical changes in the last couple decades, but none as dramatic as what is taking place along its once industrial waterfronts. Abandoned piers and waterfront land has become the site for new parks along the East River in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. A stretch of the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn has also seen the creation of waterfront housing. Combined with the neighborhood’s rapid gentrification, there has been a desire for open space, part of it satiated by the Bushwick Inlet Park, designed by Kiss + Cathcart, Architects with AWA Lighting Designers and Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners.

Click HERE to take the interactive tour of the project.

Article Written by: John Hill

Source: A Daily Dose of Architecture