Light in Times of COVID-19 – Part 2: News from AWA Lighting Designers

Light in Times of COVID-19 – Part 2: News from AWA Lighting Designers

Dear Friends

In our last newsletter sent on April 17 (Read HERE), we had written on possible methods on dealing with our current times of COVID-19 with light. We were utilizing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs principle (Wikipedia Page) – and offering methods to deal with COVID-19 from a technical, emotional, and pathological standpoint.

In this newsletter, we are aspiring to get back to a “normal” life with great determination and resolve, while wishing that all of us stay safe and healthy. We have all been working from home since mid-March, and it will possibly stay this way till mid-May (or longer). Like many, if not all of us, we have figured out ways to improve our efficiency working remotely. Since all three active studios of AWA have been collaborating remotely since 2006, intertwined in our standards, procedures, and deliverables, working remotely was easy- we have had loads of practice. What we all miss is seeing each other in person, and seeing all of you who we consider our friends. However, in an effort to get back to some normalcy- we may be months away from that- we thought we should share with all of you a few events from the past few months, and other happenings that we are thankful for.

Hearing ambulance sirens through all hours of the day and night, we are most grateful to all the healthcare and essential workers that were risking infection every day saving lives and being with people most in need. Please join us every evening at 7 pm (from your home) to thank them, whichever part of the world you are in.  

As always, we love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you again in the near future (with or without masks).

Thank you

Abhay Wadhwa
Design Principal  l  CEO
AWA Lighting Designers

AWA Wins AESA Award 2020 for Bihar Museum

We are happy to announce that the Bihar Museum has received the AESA Award 2020 (Architects, Engineers, and Surveyors Association). This is a special and significant award since it recognizes not only the architects but also the owners (clients), the contractors, and the consultants on the project. 

Client:  Government of Bihar
Architect:  Maki and Associates  /  Opolis
Lighting Consultant:  AWA Lighting Designers
Visuals:  AWA

Archdaily Features National War Memorial

AWA’s National War Memorial project in New Delhi designed by Webe Design Lab has been featured by Archdaily. Please check HERE to read the article and know more about the project.

Client:  Government of India
Architect:   Webe Design Lab
Lighting Consultant:  AWA Lighting Designers
Visuals:  Webe Design Lab

About the Project:
The National War Memorial, situated in the heart of New Delhi, honors soldiers who laid down their lives for the country. The architectural design respects the sanctity of the Central Vista as national assets and provides unhindered access to the public. Concentric circular spaces, or “chakras” have different symbolic and functional meanings, and the layered lighting design approach reinforces this. The outermost “Rakshak” chakra (Protector) provides an outer even glow of the circle of light acting as a protective element for the entire memorial. The second chakra, “Yudhpath” (Warrior) has dots of light, with the number of dots representing the number of warriors who have given their lives to the country. The third chakra, “Tyag” (Sacrifice) symbolizes the sacrifice the warrior made for the nation. LED uplight fixtures highlight the names of these brave warriors. The descent of the warrior statue into the “dharti” (earth) is highlighted by recessed ground uplights. The fourth chakra, “Veer” (Braveheart) has lights going up into the sky to symbolize the victory the warrior has achieved. The fifth chakra, “Punarjanm” (Rebirth) signifies the return of the warrior, with a streak of light ascending upwards to the heavens and the great cosmos above.

National War Memorial, New Delhi – Nighttime Aerial Footage

Children’s Hospital New Orleans Phase 1 Completed

Client:  Children’s Hospital
Architect:  EYP
Lighting Consultant:  AWA Lighting Designers
Visuals:  AWA

About the Project:
The Children’s Hospital of New Orleans is one of the largest redevelopment projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. This nonprofit hospital will include a newly designed same-day surgery unit, cardiac intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care unit, care center, entrance, and lobby. The lighting design strategy, hardware, and controls were designed to work holistically with all the other building systems to optimize the care and comfort of the patient. The recessed ceiling light fixtures have been carefully selected to reduce maintenance needs and to provide a consistent light quality. In the Outpatient Pavilion Lobby, linear LED lights were designed to seamlessly transition from the wooden ceiling and into a wood wall, creating an element of visual interest with a strong rhythm. Photos from Phase 1 are shown below.

We look forward to the opening of the grand concourse (seen in the rendering below) in 2021.

Soularium Launched in NYC

AWA unveiled our new initiative a little while ago – The Soularium! This was the debut showing of Soularium – “You are the Miracle” in the United States. The following are some photos and a video from the event. 

Please also visit our website to learn more.

Soularium Experience- NYC Debut (Highlights & Testimonials) 12.12.19

Island City Center (ICC) Opens Soon

Client:  Bombay Realty 
Architect:  SSA
Lighting Consultant:  AWA Lighting Designers
Visuals:  Bombay Realty 

About the Project:
Island City Center (ICC) situated in central Mumbai is a residential complex with two residential towers (ICC1 & ICC2), a vast 3 acre landscaped environmental deck, and a multi-story Clubhouse for the residents. The project is nearing completion and we will send you more updates once we are back on site after COVID-19 leaves.

Island City Center (ICC), Mumbai- Aerial 4K video

Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that our book Contextualizing Light will be available for purchase in June 2020! The book tour is being rescheduled due to COVID-19. Please stay tuned for updates on the revised schedule.

For more information, please visit the book’s website:

Stay Informed

Below are a few links to where you can get the facts and figures on what is happening in the world. Stay healthy and safe!

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