Light in Times of COVID19: News from AWA’s Healthy Lighting Studio

Light in Times of COVID19: News from AWA’s Healthy Lighting Studio

We are all in this together- friends, families, clients, team members, vendors, contractors- all of us. And we are all going to come out of this stronger with a higher consciousness on what is important. Based in NYC, we were here during 9/11 and then in 2008, and yes, times can be tough- but this too shall pass. Our prayers and condolences to all of us who have lost a friend or family member due to COVID-19.

We are all being inundated by messages on the many variables that exist in our 2020 zeitgeist. We at AWA sincerely hope that some parts of this newsletter will be useful in navigating the next few months, and not just add to the bandwidth load.

Thank you,

Abhay Wadhwa
Design Principal  l  CEO
AWA Lighting Designers

Through these trying times, however, we remain committed to providing you with the best working experience we can to manage in the present circumstances. All our team members are working remotely to complete the tasks and deadlines. AWA is also available on call at all times and for your e-meeting requirements. 

Many of you are aware that AWA has been working on a project for Public Mental Health and Wellbeing. We started the project in 2017 and our first installation was in Croatia last year. We then ran a prototype installation in NYC in December 2019. This project is currently self-financed- and we have embarked on it with the sole purpose of helping people deal with many different mental ailments.

Because of the exceptional times that we are all experiencing, we have decided to make the “You are the Miracle” AV file available online for the next 4 weeks. This AV file is best experienced on your TV or Laptop in a space with low ambient light and a good sound system. It is 18 minutes long, and in order for the healing effects to sink in, please give yourself a few minutes of quiet time before and after. You can use this any time of the day- and please remind yourself that “You are the Miracle.”

The password-protected video can be found on Vimeo HERE

Please email me at and we will send you the password.

Deep UV light can be used to neutralize pathogens. AWA has been doing research and talking about Deep UV lighting for the past decade. You can read one of our first blog posts from 2013 on this topic HERE. Below you can see a public outreach poster. from AWA’s Healthy Lighting Studio.

The following are links to manufacturers building these products:

William Bahnfleth: UGVI Fundamentals and Indoor Environment Applications

Below is some of that research and videos from friends and colleagues expressly relevant in these times. You can also visit our website HERE anytime for additional information.

Dr. Bruce Lipton: “I will teach you how to never get sick again”
Dr. Jacob Liberman: “Navigate These Times”
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt: Corona Interview Klinghardt Institute March 2020

Below are a few links to where you can get the facts and figures on what is happening in the world. Stay healthy and safe!

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