AWA Project Highlight: National War Memorial New Delhi India

AWA Project Highlight: National War Memorial New Delhi India

Project Team:

Client: Executing Agency of National War Memorial and Museum, Ministry of Defense, Government of India
Architect: Webe Design Lab
Lighting Consultant: AWA Lighting Designers- New York & New Delhi
Landscape Architect: Design Cell
Year: 2016-2019
Visuals: Maniyarasan R

National War Memorial
New Delhi India

The National War Memorial celebrates over 70 years of Indian independence and honors 25,962 soldiers who laid down their lives for India. The National War Memorial’s lighting design adds symbolic meaning besides providing an evocative and reverential environment.

At the outer circle of the memorial, the light acts as a strong ‘Rakshak’ (Protector). The second layer is the Yudhpath, which represents the warriors who gave their lives for the country. The third layer is the Tyag Chakra, where light falls into a world where the warrior gives himself up to the nation. The fourth layer, Veer Chakra, stands for victory which is represented by the lights pointed up towards the sky. The final layer is Punarjanm, the rebirth, where an aura is created around this space to symbolize the rebirth of the warrior.

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Aerial Footage of National War Memorial at Night provided by the Ministry of Defense

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