NEWSFLASH: AWA’s “The World of Illusion vs. Allusion” Talk at LEDucation

NEWSFLASH: AWA’s “The World of Illusion vs. Allusion” Talk at LEDucation

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  • Register to Watch Abhay & Justin’s Talk “The World of Illusion vs. Allusion” at LEDucation on August 18th 2020 at 930am EST HERE
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AWA’s “The World of Illusion vs. Allusion” Talk at LEDucation 2020

We are excited to announce that our Design Principal, Abhay M Wadhwa, and Justin Moench will be speaking about “The World of Illusion vs. Allusion” at theLEDucation Trade Show and Conference on August 18 2020 at 9:30 am EST. 

Due to the COVID-19 virus, this year’s LEDucation Trade Show and Conference will be virtual. LEDucation 2020 will include 200 leading manufacturers of architectural lighting, controls and related technologies. Visitors can also earn credits as industry experts in 22 accredited educational webinars. Topics slated to be discussed are lighting design trends, control methods, human-centric lighting topics, codes, compliances, technology trends, and so much more!

To register for the LEDucation conference, please visit the conference web page HERE.

About the Talk

“The World of Illusion vs. Allusion”
While exploring and analyzing design solutions, there is often an important distinction that needs to be made pre-facto. Shall we pursue options that allude to the architecture, or willfully create illusions that are superimposed on a willing architecture? Through this analysis arise two distinct visual worlds— a world of illusion or a world of allusion. The appropriate choice of direction for the project is then a mirror to the cultural and historical context, through the prism of illusion or allusion. We will present two projects, Soularium (as illusion) and Ismail Building (as allusion), highlighting and relating to real-life designing.


Lighting Design Solutions in a Changing World
Special Emphasis: Light For Health & Wellness

About the Book

This book examines how the context of a project can provide a causative force for creating an appropriate architectural lighting design solution. Some of the questions it addresses are as follows:

  • Why should the lighting world be flat, and at the cost of the amazing variety of local nuances and ideas that can be incorporated into the architectural design process and solutions?
  • When did darkness become bad?
  • Should the dialog not be about embracing the differences in culture, design approach, and other conditions that each region of the world provides, while embracing light as a universal medium?
  • Why are we looking to build an illuminated world at night that looks similar to other places?
  • How do the new lighting technologies impact our evolving zeitgeist? 
  • Why is providing human-centric, dramatic & evocative experiences through light important for architecture & humanity?
  • How can we implement contextualized lighting design solutions that respect & enhance life experiences, especially for health and wellness?

These ideas and concepts are highlighted in the 18 essays written by the author in this book. These are further illustrated with examples from over 80 completed projects in 23 countries over the past 18 years of his design practice. Through this treatise, the author also shares ground-breaking research, where he discusses a holistic approach for using lighting to create spaces for health & wellness.

For more information on the book, please contact us at For distribution inquiries, please contact our publisher ORO Editions California at

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