Orion Mall Opens at Brigade Gateway

Orion Mall Opens at Brigade Gateway

The Orion Mall is part of the 40-acre mixed-use Brigade Gateway site located at Rajajinagar-Malleswaram in North Bangalore, India. The mall totals 1.1 million square feet, is the first lifestyle mall in Bangalore, and was designed by HOK, New York.

View of the Mall Atrium

Orion Mall Facade- Lakeside

AWA designed the lighting for the Brigade Gateway complex by establishing focal points and a distinct visual hierarchy across the site, rather than using foot candles and lux levels to dictate the design. Compositions were created that would guide the team through the design process from conception to completion.

Orion Mall’s exterior features electronic and illuminated displays, which cover 5-story facades, as well as a glowing wall displaying a sculpture of “The Tree of Life.” Skyway and walkway connections which link the Sheraton hotel, office facility, and residences at Brigade Gateway glow generously to reflect the intense flow of traffic within. The approach from outside the complex is enhanced by tall, illuminated sculptural elements and glowing beacons which add to the exterior’s unique identity. AWA implemented sculptural elements, (such as an illuminated “moon”), canopies and reversed arches, that work together to create the fun and beautiful lighting identity and to complete the Orion experience for the pedestrian.

The entry and exit points were conceived as visual vortices, clearly organizing the overall space. Seen in the plan rendering, the vortices appear to be long glowing spaces that give a hierarchy to the mall.

Orion Mall’s interior is unified by the pixelation of both the ceiling and the floor. The triangular forms on the ceiling create a stitch of light for the circulation pathways around the atrium. The pixelation is further emphasized by the projection of an array of stars on the 10m wide Grand Staircase.

The atrium floor is activated by theatrical accent lights from 5 floors above. As many atrium ceilings on retail projects are often forgotten or neglected while designing the lighting for retail spaces, we were inspired by our previous projects such as Peak Tower in Hong Kong and sought to provide illumination to both the ceiling as well as the floor. A color-changing uplight illuminates the atrium ceiling from the column tops while a cool glowing cove light runs along the edge of the space.

Energy conservation and maintenance were taken into account in the design of all of the mall’s fixtures and lighting strategies by using energy efficient light sources. The total connected load is 10% below the 2010 ASHRAE Requirements.

Orion Mall Facade- Rajkumar Road

Concept Renderings

Orion Mall Construction Photo- June 2011

The project’s completion comes at a very interesting time for India. The decision to allow for 51% Foreign Direct Investment within the country now allows International Businesses to provide majority funding. This is likely to lead to a heightened construction activity in the retail field.

Orion Mall Interior

Blu-O Bowling Alley Entrance on the Fourth Floor

Opening Night of the Orion Mall in April 2012

Some of the recent awards and accolades for the Brigade Gateway Project and the Brigade Group are:
• “Integrated Township of the Year in 2012” by Realty Plus
• “Best Theme Based Township in India for 2012” by CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developer’s Associations of India)
• “Best Office Space in India for 2012” by CREDAI
• “Best Commercial Project in India for 2010” from Property World
• “India’s Top Ten Builders for Five Consecutive Years 2007-2011” by Construction World

The Brigade Group is one of India’s leading property developers and has created real estate developments throughout South India. The Brigade Group, headquartered in Bangalore with presence in all domains of real estate – Residential, Offices, Retail, Hospitality and even Education. Since its inception in 1986, Brigade has developed many landmark buildings in Bangalore and Mysore and has also expanded its operations to Chennai, Kochi, Hyderbad, Mangalore and Chikmagalur.