CLIENT Brigade Group
YEAR 2009 – 2014
LOCATION Bangalore
VISUALS AWA,  Brigade Group

The Brigade Gateway Complex in Bangalore was developed with a NY-based architect and Bangalore-based landscape architect and carefully analyzed reflect pedestrian, vehicular traffic, and viewpoints. The dialogue with the landscape architect led to the development of a project where darkness is embraced. Darkness is not often embraced in the US. The imagery shows how we worked to create spaces that, in a running dialogue with the landscape, can be quite engaging. Fixtures were developed to embrace the local architecture and landscape using local materials.

The client’s initial desire for a “feel and energy of Roppongi Hills or Times Square” was satisfied without the need for a full-wall of backlit billboards, opting instead for a custom wall art piece entitled the Tree of Life. This piece was lit using color-controlled lights and a luminous “moon” element synchronized with the lunar cycle. We balanced spectacle with the natural surroundings.

Extending the theme of faux-natural light, a reflective golden sun directly mirrors the moon on the facade, and the entire facade lighting scheme for the project recalls its inspiration: the glow of the setting sun striking the buildings. The shadows created by the 5-story embossing of the Tree of Life, the wall’s ornamental centerpiece, mimic the filtering of light through the foliage.

The fixtures designed for the complex integrate themselves within their context, taking influence from the architecture that was designed for the site. The streetlight design drew influence from the shading canopy that is located along the lake. The custom bollard fixture was created by a local manufacturer and constructed from locally-sourced stone. The use of bollard lighting allows the walkways to be lit without the use of any overhead lighting. The combination of the bollards and the tree uplighting creates an evocative visual experience for the pedestrian.