CLIENT Forum Group
ARCHITECT Practice Architects
YEAR 2014 – 2018
LOCATION Bhubneshwar


Esplanade One is the largest shopping mall in Bhubaneswar, India, with a total commercial space of 1 million square feet spread over 10 floors. This mall in a small city takes on the form of modern-day plazas and areas for public congregation, especially where exterior areas for public gathering are severely lacking. We designed the lighting for the mall facade, landscape, and interiors, including the retail areas and offices, taking care to highlight the mall’s landmark status. The main entrance is emphasized by an external metal “wrap” curving up in the facade. Uplights placed in front of the wrap accentuate the curves and cast larger than life shadows. This transforms the space into an interactive area, as the metal wrap facade becomes a canvas visitors can capture “selfie” moments with. Linear RGB fixtures highlight the circulation areas of the landscape and assist in wayfinding.
Seamless linear strips built into the underside of escalators guide visitors as they make their way upwards through the mall. The food plaza has a grid of playful light dots in alternating cool and warm color temperature, which adds an element of play.