CLIENT Brigade Group
ARCHITECT HOKMichael Foley Design
YEAR 2009 – 2014
LOCATION Bangalore
VISUALS AWA, Brigade Group


The Orion Mall is part of the 40-acre mixed-use Brigade Gateway site located in North Bangalore, India. The mall is spread over 1.1 million square feet and was designed by HOK, New York. We designed the lighting by establishing focal points and a distinct visual hierarchy across the site, rather than using light levels to dictate the design. Compositions were created that would guide the team through the design process, from conception to completion. The entry and exit points were conceived as visual vortices, clearly organizing the overall space. As seen in the plan rendering, the vortices appear to be long glowing spaces that give a hierarchy to the mall. The mall interior is unified by the light pixelation of both the ceiling and the floor. The triangular forms on the ceiling create a stitch of light for the circulation pathways around the atrium. The pixelation is further emphasized by the projection of an array of stars on the 10-meter-wide Grand Staircase. As many atrium ceilings on retail projects are often forgotten or neglected while designing the lighting for retail spaces, we were inspired by our previous projects, such as Peak Tower in Hong Kong, and sought to provide illumination to both the ceiling and floor. A color-changing uplight illuminates the atrium ceiling from the column tops, while a cool glowing cove light runs along the edge of the space. The Orion mall is also a hub for exciting entertainment, with spaces that include a multiplex with 3,000 seats, a plaza level amphitheater with 1,000 seats, and a large event space on the ground level.

The Mall’s exterior features electronic and illuminated displays, which cover 5-story facades, as well as a glowing wall displaying a sculpture of The Tree of Life. Light from the facade provides a soft gradient of light over the pedestrian walkway in front of the mall. Skyway and walkway connections link the Sheraton Hotel, office facility, and residences at Brigade Gateway, which glow generously to reflect the intense flow of traffic within. The approach from outside the complex is enhanced by tall, illuminated sculptural elements and glowing beacons, which lend to the exterior’s unique identity. We implemented sculptural elements, such as an illuminated “moon,” canopies, and reversed arches to work together to create a fun and beautiful lighting identity and complete the Orion experience for the pedestrian.