CLIENT deGustibus Hospitality
ARCHITECT Serie Architects
YEAR 2007 – 2009
VISUALS AWA & Fram Petit


Tote is one of Mumbai’s hottest restaurant, bar, and banquet hall destinations. While looking for an inspirational benchmark, we found an image of daylight filtering through dense foliage. Once the vision was clear, we had the creative courage to carry it through the entire process, refining and tweaking as we developed the design. In the banqueting and indoor restaurant areas, white metal treemimicking pillars branch to the ceiling. The lighting strategy in this space is to use the architectural pockets of light to mimic lighting piercing through the foliage of the “trees” into the space. The inspiration for the lighting design came from lying on the floor and looking through the beautiful rain trees, seeing the patterns that developed. The pattern then is rasterized and analyzed through fractal design to develop responses where the inspiration is clear that this is how the light’s actually coming through.