CLIENT Brigade Group
YEAR 2009 – 2014
LOCATION Bangalore
VISUALS AWA, Brigade Gateway


Godrej One, the Global Headquarters of Godrej Industries with 750,000 square feet of open, flexible spaces and world-class amenities, is also globally recognized with the highest rating of sustainable design. Godrej One has already been pre-certified as a LEED-Platinum building. The space’s energy requirements are a major factor in this prestigious certification. Not only do the lighting recommendations made by us closely uphold the stringent criteria required by LEED, but also, within those parameters, the proposed lighting solutions are creative and beautifully innovative.

The lighting scheme proposed a minimal and elegant solution that would be in accordance with LEED criteria. We culled simple gestures and key moments from the composition of architectural elements at hand. An open atrium of trees would be accented at night, while its glass-enclosed counterpart on the opposite site would radiate light from within. This central anchor creates the focus of the building at night, while its crown and entrances would draw visitors from a distance and welcome them into the space. Wood finishes in the interior lobby would glow warmly with the proposed lighting scheme. Its natural presence would be augmented by a soft illumination on the bamboo along the line of interior columns. Furthermore, office interiors would be accented by linear lights. In the 11-story curved staircase, minimal glass rails are key in creating the brilliant lighting effect that soars from the base of the staircase to the atrium above.

The heart of the building is an O-story atrium that we have accented so that it radiates light from within and is the focus of the building at night. We developed a lighting design solution that addressed issues of maintenance and glare by location all the lighting fixtures at the top of the atrium. Therefore, to highlight the atrium skylights, we integrated linear LED lighting at the edges that are accessible from the exterior of the roof. At this location, we were able to mount the general lighting to the roof catwalk and hide the fixture from direct view.