• Does working with AWA make projects more expensive?
    Our current design paradigm does not focus on expensive decorative fixtures, but rather on inexpensive, subtle, and architecturally intelligent ideas that augment the salient features of the lit structure. One of our primary goals is to protect our clients’ interests by negotiating reasonable prices with reputable distributors, and we never lock our client into proprietary/exclusive products, always specifying three options for all fixtures, lamps, and accessories.
  • Can AWA deliver?
    AWA is a large, multi-national firm comprised of several design teams working in New York, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Dubai. This structure enables us to balance the workload for each of our projects between local and international design teams, guaranteeing the timely delivery of quality creative and technical work for every deadline. Our strict adherence to QAQC standards, our broad network of contacts, our distinctive style and approach to conceptual light renderings, and our years of combined hands-on experience put us ahead of the pack in terms of producing provocative, practical, energy-efficient, and effective designs. In a fast-paced international building and development climate, AWA provides unsurpassed global service for high-profile projects of all scales and scopes.
  • Are members of the AWA team easily reachable, and do they promptly get back to clients?Absolutely, and in three time zones! AWA’s network of global offices are in constant, round-the-clock internet and telephone communication to ensure that all messages reach their intended recipients and that we respond to all client needs and queries promptly and effectively.
  • What kind of technical skills and access to the latest information does the AWA team possess?Our training as architects, engineers, and designers, and our commitment to keeping abreast of current issues and trends enable us to apply our skills to a broad array of project types, from an intimate New York City lounge space to the largest single-span arch bridge in the world. In-house, we have compiled an unparalleled international database of products and manufacturers, spanning all major lighting markets, for easy reference.
  • Why international?International markets present unparalleled opportunities. Our clients are aware of this fact, because in increasing numbers they are working to create places within the global community. We are right there with them. Meanwhile, our New York-based roots keep us firmly grounded in the lighting capital of the world.
  • How are you “green?”
    When we complete LEED certified projects, we consider the relationship of day lighting to both lighting systems and building systems, and we partner with some of the brightest minds in the industry.
  • What types of clients do you work with?We have found that the best relationships are fostered with clients who want their designs to evoke a specific sense of place, brand, or community. We believe that client-oriented, site-specific, customized light solutions enhance the users’ experience of a building or structure. Maintaining an open line of communication, a commitment to stellar results, and an interest in best practices helps us to strengthen these relationships and to keep our clients coming back for more.
  • You talk about systems integration a lot. What does that mean?
    Lighting design has rapidly become more holistic and technically sophisticated in recent years. As technologies have become more advanced, we are increasingly able to create lighting design systems that are dynamic and linked with the other building systems such as MEP, AV, security, and surveillance. We see these systems as the future of the built environment, and we are at the forefront of embracing and utilizing such systems.