The Art of LED Lights

The Art of LED Lights

Fine art was once restricted to paintings on canvas and marble sculptures. But now it has transformed to present itself in many different mediums—from photographs and films to chalk pastel illustrations, to pottery, book sculptures and mixed media–the latter of which can now include nearly all substances or objects.

Art has been made from recycled items, such as scrapped cars and old comic books, and can even be constructed on a computer. These days, art can be made by using anything as its medium. With the growing spectrum of art and today’s technology, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that artists have even started to use light in their creations.

There are many types of light available to artists for their work. Some examples include sunlight, neon lights, lasers, and LED lights. The type of light these artists use depends on the illumination needed for the piece and the form of the artwork.

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Written by: Alexander Aviado

Source: Washington Times