The AWA Way

The AWA Way

At AWA we work hard to further the professional goals of our designers and team members. From time to time, some necessity forces them to leave the fold. But, we hope to have encouraged them to think differently, more creatively and more freely than before. And, we encourage them to work as a team. That is why we’re pleased to profile this communication from a former employee from Mumbai. Norms vary slightly across our offices, due to culture and community, but we’re pleased to bring this level of inspiration to one of our own. We hope we continue to do so.

Read on for a letter to Mr. Sitaraman from Deepa Dev….

Hi Dear Sir, How are you? Hope you are doing well. Every single morning I wake up with a thought of AWA. Though it was 8 months, I have had deep impact in my day today life. I am at Mumbai now, trying to make my short break in work life as good as possible. I have started to learn the Photoshop. After completing that I like to learn illustrator. Hope everything falls on track from now. Every person I met at AWA was unique in character. The principles followed by our principal were the best.

And you as a director give inspiration to all. More than a director you gave advice to me as a father. You just prove that whatever the age you can succeed in work. Only thing we have to do is don’t let our mind down.

My parents were here at Mumbai for one week, they were surprised to see little changes in my character. First thing was I plan my day to day activities and keeps a note for that.

They gave credit to Dev (My Husband). Dev works as a Quality Manager, and he even seeks that perfection in small things at home. At the same time our office works at double perfection in projects. But the influence of AWA is more in my life. It gave me base to have a systematic life. Even now I write my daily report. It’s giving a self realization if I had wasted my time. Even though I was not part of making weekly schedule at AWA, I liked the idea. I am making weekly schedule on Sunday for myself. To become a lighting designer with innovative ideas, that’s my dream now. I don’t want to become a typical house wife! I am reading books which I am getting online. My intent of this mail was to ask an experience certificate from you, I guess it will be useful for me in future. But I wrote everything that came into my mind now. Sorry if the mail turned out to be long. I miss AWA! Have a nice day Sir.